The Business Experts

Sharing many years of experience, our business experts will be offering you and your team practical advice in an easy to understand and actionable way...

Floyd Woodrow Floyd Woodrow, Authentic Leadership
One of the youngest soldiers ever to be selected for the SAS, Floyd will be sharing his experience of working at an elite level and leading under extreme pressure. Now a celebrated business author, company owner and director, Floyd has walked many different paths and his leadership ‘compass’ is a tool that will help everyone in your team to stop wasting precious time and start transforming dreams into reality.


Bob Keiller Bob Keiller, Culture & Values
Bob does business properly. He treats people well, is open and honest, shows respect but holds staff accountable for delivery. Its building businesses with these strong core values and a positive culture that has defined his career, which includes completing the management buyout of PSN from Halliburton in 2006, scaling and selling PSN to Wood Group in 2011, then leading Wood Group’s operations in more than 50 countries.


Simon Hartley Simon Hartley, World-Class Teams
Simon is a globally respected sports psychology consultant and performance coach who has worked with gold medallists, world record holders and world champions, as well as in business, education, healthcare and the charity sector. Since 2011 he has published seven books and will be helping you to understand the six key characteristics of world-class teams and how to use these to take your team from ‘good’ to ‘great’ to ‘world-class’.


Simon Middleton Simon Middleton, Building a Brand
Founder of new menswear brand Blackshore, an award-winning made-in-Britain manufacturer, Simon is a strategic brand advisor and the author of three books including the best-selling guide to small business branding: Build A Brand In 30 Days. As an entrepreneur, writer, and brand advisor Simon speaks at events around the world, advising businesses and organisations on how they can develop stand out brands.


Richard Lane Richard Lane, Sales Masterclass
Co-founder of scale-up business durhamlane, Richard's mission is to help people and organisations achieve high revenue growth by developing commercial skills and mindsets and improving sales processes. With over 20 years of commercial experience, Richard understands how to blend valuable theory with real-life examples, as well as providing actionable steps for you and your team. The creator of a proven sales methodology, he continues to help hundreds of SME’s and blue-chip companies with “Selling at a Higher Level”.


Jonathan Gold Jonathan Gold, Getting Investor Ready
Co-founder and managing director of Rivers Capital, Jonathan is a specialist in seed and growth investment. He has a background in technology development and licencing, as well as in marketing and sales. Jonathan has established several venture funds attracting capital from public and private sources, including the Rainbow Seed Fund and a range of funds in the North of England. Setting up and serving as chief executive of Northstar Ventures, he oversaw the creation and establishment of the £10m Proof of Concept Fund and a £23m Co-Investment Fund.


Jeremy Snape Jeremy Snape, The Winning Mindset of Leaders
A former England cricketer, Jeremy is now one of the world’s leading names in performance psychology and from elite football, cricket and rugby to the corporate arena, his expertise is behind some of the world’s most successful teams. Starting on 4th February, Jeremy’s 12-week online coaching programme features lessons, insights, tips and techniques from international sports stars, coaches, neuroscientists and performance experts, giving you the ultimate performance hack to transform the way you lead yourself and others.

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