Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership

We're proud to be partnered with a growing number of corporate organisations who all support entrepreneurship and are experts in their field. 

Sharing our ambition to make the region stronger, each of our partners cares deeply about the North East and the people that live and work here; vying to make a positive contribution to its economic development. 


By bringing together entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to work in collaboration and share business experience, we believe we create the right environment for businesses to develop and grow. 

With sector exclusive agreements, each of our corporate partners is an expert in their own field and keen to support SMEs and entrepreneurial businesses.

If you're the CEO or leader of a business that operates in a B2B environment but wouldn't normally qualify to join the Forum, then our Corporate Partnership is the perfect way for you and some of your senior team to become part of our unique network.

With a host of major organisations already signed up, we work with our partners closely to ensure they all experience the enormous advantages of joining forces with the Forum.

Benefits include:

  • Raise your business’ profile amongst the region’s most aspirational entrepreneurs through joint branded literature, promotion and events.
  • Be the only company in your sector to gain exclusive personal access to over 300 of the most senior decision-makers in the North East business community. 
  • Be associated with an organisation whose aim is to help grow businesses and generate prosperity in the North East. 
  • Have the opportunity to work directly with our influential Board of Directors, joining them for at least two private corporate partner dinners each year.
  • Gain exposure and build business relationships with both entrepreneurs and our other high profile corporate business leaders.
  • You and three of your senior team will benefit from an exclusive first-class learning and networking environment, giving you access to industry experts and mentors through more than 25 of our inspirational and entrepreneurial events each year. 
  • Have the opportunity to raise your profile with business leaders and entrepreneurs by hosting and jointly developing events.
  • Be given the first refusal on additional sponsorship opportunities in the EF events calendar.
  • Gain increased profile on this website, including a business profile, the opportunity to share news and PR stories, link back to your own website and regular signposting from our monthly e-newsletter and new member welcome emails. 

Get in Touch

Corporate partnership costs £15,000 (+VAT) annually. If you’re looking to raise the profile of your organisation amongst the region’s most aspirational entrepreneurs and want a partnership that aligns you with success, then please get in touch.

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