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Launched in 2021, our Foundation aims to support emerging talent within the North East. We do this by inviting those who show great ambition and drive, but may not yet meet our existing Entrepreneur Membership joining criteria, to become part of our growing network.

Three exciting young businesses have already joined under the Foundation and you can read all about them below!

Callum Duncan

Callum Duncan


Callum Duncan is the Technical Director at sencode Cyber Security.

sencode offer cyber security services including penetration testing and cyber awareness training/information security awareness training.

If a company has a website, office network or mobile app developed sencode ensure that once it is up and running it is secure from hackers by completing a simulated cyber attack. This allows sencode to see the path a hacker might take into hacking a company and to fix the issues before they become a problem down the line.

Sencode's cyber awareness training is vertical-specific training either in person or online and ensures companies know their staff are working securely and do not cause a risk to the companies data or their own.

On joining the Forum, Callum said, "We want to become more active in the wider business community and are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that the Forum has to offer, mainly access to mentorship and offering help to other members so that we can all grow together."

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Owain Brennan

Owain Brennan


Owain Brennan is the Managing Director and Founder of SeerBI.

SeerBI is a business intelligence and data analytics company focused on providing Business Intelligence, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence methods to make legacy industries more efficient and frictionless. SeerBI is also developing their own data analytics products for market release in the coming year.

On joining the Forum, Owain said, "I am hoping to learn from members in the Forum in order to make more informed decisions in my business.

"I am also hoping to get the opportunity to meet more north east business members and expand my personal network to make more meaningful connections and to support Forum members with data advice and services."

Katherine Keddie

Katherine Keddie


Katherine Keddie is the co-founder of Adopter.

Adopter is the marketing company for early stage green technology businesses. They help green techs frame their messaging and grow their online presence so they can reach the businesses, employees and investors they need to scale. They market so you can save the world.

On joining the Forum, Katherine said, "We joined for the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other entrepreneurs.

"We're keen to learn more about the northern business ecosystem and where we can contribute. We'd also like to learn more about innovation (particularly environmental technology) in the North, where it’s going and how we can support the wider adoption of green technology."

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