Member Event: Sustainability in Action

with Dr. Phil Buckley, Amy Mooney and Sarah Thackray

19 June 2024, 17:30 - 19:30

RBC Brewin Dolphin Newcastle, Time central, 32 Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SR

Passionate about creating a positive impact on the world through your entrepreneurial endeavours?

During this member event, we’ll hear from three trailblazing entrepreneurs — Dr. Phil Buckley (Low Carbon Materials), Amy Mooney (Gas Angel Heating)and Sarah Thackray (BeaconHouse Events) — who are committed to shaping a sustainable future through entrepreneurship.

Join us and...

  • Gain firsthand insights into how these entrepreneurs are transforming their industries with eco-conscious products, services, and technologies, helping you to explore new avenues for sustainability within your own business.
  • Discover the personal motivations that led our panellists to integrate eco-friendly practices into their businesses, and why making a positive impact isn't just good for the planet — it's also good for business.
  • Learn actionable strategies for turning your innovative ideas into tangible and impactful actions. Our panellists’ experience and insights will give you the guidance and inspiration you need to make a real difference.

It's not just about learning — it's also about connecting. By attending, you’ll forge meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, and maybe even find opportunities for collaboration with other Forum members.

If you're ready to expand your horizons and connect with fellow change-makers, join us at this upcoming member event!

About Our Panellists

Dr. Phil Buckley, Low Carbon Materials

With a vision to be a world leader in low carbon and environmentally-friendly building materials, Dr Phil Buckley and Low Carbon Materials (LCM) have designed and developed OSTO® and ACLA®, two groundbreaking carbon-negative products which are changing the face of the construction industry.

2.5x lighter than its traditional aggregate alternative, thermally insulating and carbon negative, LCM’S flagship product OSTO® helps in reducing the carbon footprint of concrete, whilst their second product ACLA® greatly lowers the carbon footprint of road construction projects whilst contributing to tackling climate change. This incredible invention led LCM to the 2022 Earthshot Prize final where they were one of only two companies representing the UK on the global stage in the ‘Fix Our Climate’ category.

LCM’s latest product ACLA® is shaping the future of the UK’s road infrastructure by providing a carbon-neutral alternative to asphalt. With asphalt accounting for over 95% of all UK roads, and 25 million tonnes of asphalt produced annually, ACLA® supports in achieving the UK’s 2050 net zero goal by offering a carbon-negative aggregate.

In addition to holding a PhD in chemistry, Phil also possesses over a decade of experience as a mathematician and materials chemist. At LCM, he oversees the company’s financial operations and projections, the day-to-day running of the business and executes plans for the company’s future growth.


Amy Mooney, Gas Angel Heating

Amy Mooney is an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur who entered the heating industry following the successful sale of her brand marketing agency in early 2019.

In her role as managing director of Gas Angel Heating, Amy has led on the creation of an MCS certified renewable heating arm and the introduction of a climate-friendly cover plan subscription for the business.

Now, in 2024, Amy is poised to launch a climate-tech SaaS solution that helps UK homeowners in preparing for heat pump adoption. The platform assists families in decarbonising their homes at a manageable pace and cost, while ensuring their safety and warmth.

Amy's grasp of strategic inbound marketing, coupled with her expertise in the heating industry, positions her as a driving force in the market's evolution ahead of the 2035 gas boiler ban.


Sarah Thackray, BeaconHouse Events

A Power 50 Green Champion for the events industry, Sarah is passionate about balancing profit, purpose and performance through her business BeaconHouse Events. 

From large scale world science congresses in London and UK Government conferences with the Prime Minister, to 7-week cycling roadshows and tech festivals, Sarah has extensive experience in delivering a host of events and thrives on the challenge of making a project ‘work’ within timescales and budget whilst reducing environmental impact. 

A driver for change, Sarah led the first BeaconHouse Events sustainability round table, bringing together events industry suppliers to discuss how the sector can work together to reduce event carbon, meet sustainability targets and drive sector-wide change. 

Away from BeaconHouse Events, Sarah sits on the North East regenerative tourism and events stakeholder forum group, and is a voluntary director for two North East non-profits: Groundwork NE and Cumbria and Dynamo North East. 


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