Accountancy Firm Turns Green

Posted on the 8 November 2017

Accountancy Firm Turns Green

A Jesmond-based accountancy firm has reduced its carbon footprint by 86% in the last year and saved over £3,000 on energy bills as part of its new environmental policy.

Robson Laidler has arranged new energy supplies to make its entire building on Fernwood Road powered by 100% biomass renewable electricity and carbon zero gas.

The firm has also registered with Investors in the Environment and has appointed environmental champion Emma Thompson who is taking measures to ensure Robson Laidler becomes a truly sustainable business. 

The team have been busy tidying autumn leaves in preparation for a pollinator friendly garden, which they will launch next year to encourage wildlife into its grounds as well as a bug hotel designed by their children.

By implementing a carbon zero gas scheme, the firm has offset its carbon emissions as a result of its natural gas consumption to support an energy-efficient stove project in Kenya and a wind power plant in India.

Robson Laidler managing director Graham Purvis said: “Robson Laidler has taken practical action to minimise the environmental impact of our energy consumption by redefining our purpose and giving something back to the wider community with our innovative environment and CSR policy and we have asked staff to think about their impact.

“By choosing biomass renewable electricity and a zero carbon scheme we are showing our staff and clients that we are an environmentally responsiblebusiness. Not only are we saving money, and helping the environment, the zero carbon scheme allows us to support carbon-saving projects across the globe.”

Robson Laidler is also reducing its environmental impact by promoting a paperless desk policy,recycling system and encouraging staff to switch off lights and equipment overnight. The firm also has a bike to work scheme and has recently implemented smart metres.

He added: “We recently launched the corporate social responsibility cell within the business as we are very passionate about going green. The business reached a point where this function needed to be formalised.

“Longer term, we are currently reviewing the structure of our files and IT systems with a view to reducing paper before switching to paperless files and cloud accounting across the firm.”

Environmental champion Emma Thompson said: “I am very passionate about promoting good environmental practices in our day-to-day business activities with the ambition of making Robson Laidler one of the best and greenest places to work.

“Once the pollinator friendly garden is properly underway we intend to invite our team and their children along to help plant the trees and flowers and to make more features to attract birds, bees and butterflies into our grounds.”