The Lakes Distillery celebrate a £2 million toast with 100% sell out of 2,975 exclusive Founders Club memberships

Posted on the 14 September 2017

The Lakes Distillery celebrate a £2 million toast with 100% sell out of 2,975 exclusive Founders Club memberships

The Lakes Distillery are proud to announce 100% sell out of their 2,975 Founders’ Club memberships raising over £2m in revenue.

The Lakes Distillery Founders’ Club invited members to join a 10-year journey of the maturing Lakes Malt from the first casks ever produced at The Lakes Distillery - a world’s first in the whisky industry.

Whisky fans and connoisseurs were able to join a one off 10-year journey starting with access to the Year 1 Single Malt Spirt.

The Lake District recently gained UNESCO World Heritage status.

The Lakes single malt will be the region’s first, complementing The Lake District’s rich history and culture.

Paul Currie, Managing Director of The Lakes Distillery said “After 2 years in operation, we are extremely proud to have a Founders Club family at The Lakes Distillery.

“Not only are our members a part of English Whisky History, but they are gaining an evolving education and insight in to how new whisky develops over time.

“The location of our founder members demonstrates a global reach of our Whisky around the world. This is a magnificent achievement and is a great step towards cementing our place in the world whisky market.”

The Founders Club offers the ultimate membership for Whisky lovers of all ages with each member receiving a bottle and two miniature sample bottles every year for 10 years and a host of exclusive benefits.

The Club was designed to allow whisky enthusiasts to see how the spirit evolves during maturation and the vital role quality casks and processes play in making the final product.

The club meets throughout the year for bespoke events at the distillery, where members enjoy exclusive tastings, previews and talks with Dhavall Gandhi Chief Whiskymaker.

On World Whisky Day in May, Founders’ Day is held to celebrate all things Whisky.

On the 16th December, every year, The Founders’ Club also meet to celebrate the first day The Lakes Distillery marked the first flowing spirit.

This year the distillery will be celebrating its 3rd birthday, when the first ‘spirit’ of The Lakes Distillery will be at its 3-year maturation period and legally be a whisky.

The Founders’ club not only continues to celebrate English whisky history in the Lake District but also adds value to the overall growth of the English whisky industry.

English whisky has the opportunity to produce a new dimension to the global whisky industry by showcasing quality, provenance and clarity behind the journey the spirit has taken in its production.

The Lakes Distillery English single malt whisky is being crafted by people who are passionate about whisky – from production and maturation to savouring the fruits of their labour!

The last Founders’ Membership has been sold as a surprise to a guest’s husband for his birthday and The Lakes Distillery can’t wait to see who the lucky last Founder is!