Could You be Eligible for Additional Funding of up to 33%?

Posted on the 17 June 2016

Could You be Eligible for Additional Funding of up to 33%?

Many start-ups and small businesses are missing out on claiming up to 33% cashback on their R&D spend as they aren't aware of the R&D tax credit regime, incorrectly don't believe they qualify or find it too hard to claim. HMRC has recently committed to making the regime as accessible as possible for all small businesses carrying out R&D investment. Companies often think of R&D only being in traditional industries such as life sciences - R&D can be undertaken in almost any industry and the definition of R&D is deliberately wide ranging to ensure industries are not discriminated against.

To help start-ups and micro SMEs check if they are eligible and make R&D credit claims, PwC has launched a new online tool called Nifty R&D. Nifty R&D is a new approach to making R&D claims which significantly reduces the time and cost of preparing claims.

This easy to use online tool is the UK's first online solution and is really easy to use - a user sets up an account, answers the questions and submits the information to PwC. PwC's award-winning tax specialists then review the answers and work with users to complete the claim. Users are fully supported by PwC specialists throughout the process with an online chat tool.

Nifty helps small businesses access the expertise of PwC at the most competitive prices in the market – our standard fee is just 12.5% of the cash value of the claim. Importantly, if you're not eligible, we won't charge you.

Find out what your benefit could be using our calculator at or contact tax specialist to discuss further.