What people say about us...

"If the Entrepreneurs' Forum could be replicated throughout the UK we would have a stunning economy. What a dynamic group."

Justin Urquhart Stewart Seven Investment Management

"I joined the EF in August 2014 having previously supported various Networks over the years; the ethos here is totally different. It is about building relationships – which will take time of course, but which will be lasting. There is a strong culture of support – I have attended 2 specialist sessions with high profile names as leaders and not only learned a great deal but met some great new people. In the 4 months I have been a member I have formulated a new business model on the strength of just one new relationship; this will take me in a direction unimaginable just 6 months ago! For the first time in years I view the New Year with anticipation and look forward greatly to becoming a strong and committed member of the Entrepreneurs Forum.”

Chris Haley Sympatico

"By chatting to people who took a particular interest in Trend Bible, it made me a lot more ambitious and helped me to think ‘big. It's the kind of experience I could never have afforded as a small business but it's something I've been able to benefit from."

Joanna Feeley Trend Bible

"At one stage I felt like both I and the business had been torn apart and put back together again with a great new business strategy and would recommend it to anyone really wanting to move their business onwards, upwards, into new areas or to explore ways of running a business more efficiently and increasing profits."

Claire Glynn Webpromoter 360

"It really is quite inspirational to be part of such an organisation that pushes businesses to interact and share ideas, I met some great people and some fantastic contacts."

Ishmael Herrera-Lee Properties Unique

"In over 25 years of hosting big events in the UK and beyond, I have never seen one as good as this - superb organisation, great speakers, and a perfect combination of fun, inspiration and learning."

Alan Wright SoundsWright Ltd

"The Forum is a unique and very special organisation, which I have been privileged to be part of since its first year. Like all membership organisations, what you take from the Forum depends greatly on what you are prepared to put in."

James Robson Alexander Jewitt & Co.

"Being an active member of The Forum has helped me feel part of the North East’s business community, introduced me to inspiring, like-minded business owners and given me a pool of knowledge and connections to tap into. The team are friendly, approachable and always professional. The events are well organised with the purpose of learning, inspiring and motivating. I wish I had joined years ago."

Christine Nugent Business Travel