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Utilitywise is one of the UK’s leading energy and water cost management consultancies. They help businesses get the most value from their energy and water contracts, reducing their energy consumption and lowering their carbon footprint.

Geoff Thompson, chief executive officer, said: "Statistics show that the North East is some way behind the rest of the country for start-ups per capita. Clearly whilst no single individual can change that, I think that those of us already in business, who have learned a lot and have experience to share, can support help and mentor others to get started or build their organisation.

"I'm not saying I've got all the answers. I'm a working class, North East lad whose had some luck and, together with a great team, worked extremely hard to build a business that's seeing some success, albeit the job has only just started.

"Like many people in business I've faced difficulties and had set backs but now I'd like to use that experience and give something back by putting in time and effort to help others. When I think back to when I started in business, having someone who could have helped me, been a confidante or reference point would have been of huge benefit.

“I believe this can be best achieved through my involvement with the Entrepreneurs Forum.”

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