The Entrepreneurs’ Forum exists to encourage like-minded individuals to share their knowledge and experience. The Forum’s sole purpose is to create an entrepreneurial community that will help each member build a stronger, more successful business to sustain business growth in the North East.

Membership will be attractive to those eager to share, to learn and to inspire others. It means dipping into the sea of knowledge and experience contained within a growing and diverse membership. We aim to be inclusive but our membership does have a strict application and evaluation process. Membership is for individual business owners and not their organisations.

For full details please call us on 0191 500 7780.

Membership Criteria
  1. Are you the owner, co-owner, significant shareholder in or founder of a business that has been trading for at least two years?(required)
  2. Do you operate in the fields of banking accountancy or law?(required)
  3. Do you operate in the fields of business consultancy or business coaching?(required)
  4. What is your turnover?(required)