Finding Skilled Employees

Finding Skilled Employees

Skills are a foundation of decent work and the major challenge for all growing businesses.

Equipping your workforce with the right skills for both now and the future is critical to success, and the region's prosperity also depends upon how many people are in work and how productive they are, which in turn rests on the skills they have and how effectively those skills are used.

Fortunately the North East has a host of organisations committed to supporting businesses in both the short and long term.



Providing professional and technical training that delivers measurable results, the College work with employers, large and small, across the North East to train and develop their workforces, keeping them strong and competitive.

The can support with: apprenticeships; future workforce development; professional & technical training; bespoke team training; higher level skills and short, industry relevant courses.


With the creation of 'The Forge' building in Darlington, Teesside University has created a dedicated location with a team of people committed to opening up the full resources of the University to innovative businesses with big ideas and ambition.

With training that ranges from bespoke learning to leadership accelerator programmes, graduate recruitment and placement programmes, consultancy support and even available office space, they want to support North East businesses to solve problems, implement strategic change and tackle the skills gap. 


Non-executive directors are there to provide a positive contribution to your business, offering an experienced and independent view-point on your board, as well giving constructive and often challenging feedback.

In SMEs they are often a great sounding board, particularly in times of change and challenge... but how do you find the right ones for your business, well these three organisations may be able to help: 

The Alchemists work with ambitious companies with high growth potential to help them lay foundations for successful growth by focusing on the 'three Fs':

  • Funding for growth
  • Finding non-executive directors and advisers
  • Family succession plans and support

The Alternative Board in Newcastle helps owners of privately held businesses overcome challenges and seize new opportunities by helping to create, manage and facilitate advisory boards comprised of local business owners, managing directors and CEOs who run non-competing businesses.

Board members often meet monthly to learn from one another's successes and mistakes to grow their businesses to the next level.